Faspebi's employees, as of August 2008, is the following:




 1  Anildo Fernandes  Pedagogical Committee, member
 2  Bico António Gomes  Pedagogical Committee, coordenator
 3  Domingos Kussinorte Ndjata  Logistics, director
 4  José Carlos Omain  Supervisor, sailors and computers
 5  Sana Cesário Maron  Director of the Project PAEBB, manager
 6  Albino Pereira  Sailor, Captain
 7  António Gomes  Old man, retired
 8  Agostinho Yala  Sailor
 9  Domingos da Costa  Security
 10  Isabel Barbosa  Student, cleaning
 11  Martinho Coia  Pedagogical Committee, member
 12  Quintino Gomes  Sailor
 13  Sene Cesário Maron  Mechanic, supervises generators
 14  Domingas Pedro Gomes  Secretary
 15  Armando Tiante  Sailor
 16  Olga Palma  Pedagogical Committee, member
 17  Bacar Braima Gomes  Management of fuel and school supplies
 18  Adelino Amona  Supervisor of accounting and heritage
 19  Eduardo A. Muscate  Teacher, Computer Courses and Internet
 20  Lusinda Có  Cleaning, house of computers
 21  Adramane Djata  Security, house of computers and museum
 22  Domingos Cumprido  Sailor
 23  Martina Carlos Soares  Pedagogical Committee, member
 24  Inaba Nhaga  Pedagogical Committee, member
 25  Manuel dos Santos Preto  Director of Cut-and-Burn School, Orangozinho
 26  Pinto António Falama  Student, receiving a scholarship, assistant agricultural monitor
 27  Victor Arafan da Silva  Student, receiving a scholarship, assistant agricultural monitor
 28  André Gomes  On scholarship, gardener of Bubaque Garden
 29  Luis Antonio Cleto  Maintains Etimbato Garden
 30  Sana António Cumpempé  On scholarship, maintains the Leigos-Buccinasco house
 31  Bacar José Carlitos  On scholarship, gardener of Bubaque Garden
 32  Yala  Security, Etimbato Garden
 33  Quinito  Student, gardener on Orangozinho
 34  Mano  Student, gardener on Orangozinho
 35  Quintino Seja Monteiro  Agricultural monitor
 36  Babe Cuntubo  Maintains replacement office, Bissau
 37  Mendes Cá  Maintains replacement office, Bissau
 38  Mamezinha  Student, cleans office in Bissau
 39  Nene Montenegro  Student, maintains office in Bissau
 40  Mário Yala  Gardener, Bubaque Garden
 41  Soares  Gardener, house on Canhabaque

53 Teachers in EBU schools

During the 2007-08 school year, we employed fifty-three teachers, the majority of whom are full-time staff and have higher-education diplomas: ten are under contract.

6 scholarship students in the Bissau House

They attend private or public high schools, or higher-education courses (for management).

fr. Luigi Scantamburlo
Bissau - August 27, 2008

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